70794197_139833117266674_5016998603227398144_n-2.jpgI grew up around horses and started riding when I was 5 years old. My first horse, a 12.2hh bay mountain pony named Jiminy, belonged to my grandparent’s and kickstarted a long journey into the competition arena of eventing, dressage and eventually showjumping. I spent many years travelling around the ACT and NSW (Australia) competing in equestrian events. I guess you could say I ‘retired’ at 20, but I’ve never lost my love for horses.

After my ‘retirement’ from equestrian, I was bored. I’d graduated uni, had started a grad job and had nothing stimulating to fill my nights or weekends. Without study or the intense training regime with my horses, I had free time on my hands and didn’t know what to do.

I’d tried and failed at writing stories when I was in my teens because I could never sit still long enough to actually finish something. But by 22 I had more patience and equal determination. I decided to have a red hot crack at finishing a book.

My first novel — A YA story about a young woman, her horse and her first love — was angsty. It was raw. It was emotional. And … it was pretty terrible. I’m sure it won’t ever see the light of day, but it showed me what it took to write a novel. Time. Dedication. And a hell of a lot of patience.

I now spend my days working as a communication professional, and my nights and weekends writing, making soy candles, chasing sunsets and meditating with my doggo by my side.

I’m planning some big projects this year, and hope you’ll join me on my author journey.

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