Valentine’s Day novelette – Hot Summer Nights and Motorbikes

Oooft, is there anything better than love? That warm, delightful feeling that erupts in your chest when you see that one person who sets your soul on fire. Well, if you’re single like me, maybe money, chocolate and ice cream is better…

I digress!

I love love. Honestly, I do. I love weddings. I love romantic comedies. I love a heart-wrenching story that tugs at your heart strings and makes you cry like a little baby. It’s the hope. The thought of what might be. And having someone by your side that you can do life with.

And that’s why I love writing stories like my novelette, Hot Summer Nights and Motorbikes. You might be thinking, ‘hey, I’ve seen that cover before!’ That’s because you might have. I originally let this little babe into the world as a freebie (not formally published anywhere). But it’s since undergone some revisions and I’ve rebranded with a new title.

Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful readers. I’m excited to formally release my little book babe into the world. I hope you enjoy Liv and Hunter’s story. It may be short, but it’s sweet enough to satiate even the sweetest tooth.

And if you’re a single gal like me, happy Independent Ladies Day (as me and my high school friends used to call it).

* * *

Hot summer nights and motorbikes are in Liv’s past, or so she thought…

Liv is career-focused and knows she should settle down with one of those corporate types. But she can’t resist a bad boy on a motorbike with tattoos.

Hunter is the best of both worlds. The only problem is he’s Liv’s new boss.

After an embarrassing work meeting with Hunter, Liv escapes to her family’s farm in the Snowy Mountains for the long weekend to let her hair down at the annual bush dance.

But when Hunter shows up in the Snowy Mountains unexpectedly, Liv is forced to drop the good girl act and let her guard down…just a little.

Fall in love with Liv and Hunter in this short and sassy story by Rachel Rinetti, author of The Birthday Romance Series.

Note* Word count of this novelette is approximately 10,000 words.

* * *


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